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Because we wish to provide the most comprehensive service to our clients, Churton Street Realty provides an easy way to view all the properties currently listed in the Triangle Multiple Listing Service. By searching for homes here with Churton Street Realty, you can see ALL the properties currently listed for sale - homes, land, and commercial.

If you have seen our sign on a property and would like more information, you may either call us or look up the home on the Multiple Listing Service.

To search for all properties included in the Triangle Multiple Listing Service 
please fill out the form to begin.  To find a specific Churton Street Realty listing, just type in only the name of the street. Do not type "Street, St, Road,etc". For example, to see details on a home on South Nash Street, you should only type "Nash" in the search form.

The brokers at Churton Street Realty can assist you with buying property listed in the Triangle Multiple Listing Service.




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