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Your home is an investment, perhaps the single largest investment you have.  Keeping up with the maintenance of your home is an important way to maintain its value.  We would like to share with you our recommendations for seasonal home maintenance.  Check back each season for a list of tasks you can accomplish to protect your home investment.  Here are some tips for Spring & Summer Maintenance:

- Clean or replace air return filters monthly

- Have air conditioner/furnace serviced

- Have well water tested for bacteria (recommended every 6 months)

- Check foundation walls, concrete and masonry for cracking, deterioration, settling. Check grading around house for slope of soil away from foundation walls to prevent moisture accumulating under house. If necessary, build up soil wherever needed.

- Check chimney for loose, deteriorating or missing mortar.

-Check exterior porch, deck, stairs and railings for deterioration and repair as needed.  If wood is at soil level, check for rot.

- Remove debris from gutters and downspouts. Repair any leaks, loose connections or problems with the slope of gutters. Check to ensure that drainage from downspouts is directed away from the house.

- Check roof for damaged shingles and repair and general structural soundness.

- Check flashings around chimney and vents. Look in attic for any signs for water intrusion in these areas.

- Check fascia and soffits for deterioration, repair and paint as needed.

-- Check exterior siding and trim for damage and need for paint.  Masonite/hardboard siding is especially vulnerable to moisture intrusion and should be caulked and painted if any of the surfaces are deteriorating.

- Check attic vents for correct operation and repair/remove blockages as needed to ensure proper ventilation.

- After all danger of frost has passed, turn on exterior faucets to check for leakage.

- Remove leaves, dead plants and lawn debris.  Trim shrubs, especially those around house that might rub on siding. Trim trees that overhang the roof.

- Plant grass and apply pre-emergent weed prevention.

- Inspect trees and remove any dead ones.

-Inspect windows and screens. Repair any holes, broken glass, damaged caulking/window putty, deteriorated wood. Test all windows for ease in opening.

- Check basement/crawl space for moisture problems, including drainage, excessive condensation and water leaks. Ensure sump pump is operating correctly.

- Check vents in crawl space. Open for summer season and repair any screens to prevent animals from entering.

- Lubricate garage door hardware and opening mechanism.  Confirm that auto-reverse mechanism is working properly.

- Clean duct from clothes dryer.

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1812 Nc 86 S Highway More Info, printable brochure, etc...
1812 Nc 86 S Highway
City: Hillsborough
Price: $375,000
Status: Active
Description: Property in Orange County's "EDH-2" zoning district. Contact Orange County Planning for possible uses. More Info
Bill Whitmore